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Here's what some of our clients think...

"LA of Hingham says..."

If you are searching for an individualized plan you can stick to, created and managed by a dedicated and knowledgeable nutritionist, then look no further. Priority Nutrition Care has the individualized answers you are looking for to help you meet your weight loss and or health goals. The staff at Priority Nutrition Care is proficient in treating diabetic patients, people suffering from eating disorders, cancer patients and those who are looking to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. At Priority Nutrition their goal is to help clients achieve optimal health in a safe and manageable way.

I have battled an eating disorder for half of my life and each day has been a battle. I wake up feeling like I have big tumor in my head that just wonít go away, controlling every aspect of my life. I have seen multiple dietitians, therapists and read more self-help books than I can remember, yet nothing worked for more than a few months. However, hope was in sight. I met with Anne from Priority Nutrition Care and she worked with me over the course of a few months to control my behaviors by getting to the underlying cause of them. It wasnít the food but it was my relationship with food and the stressors in my life. She taught me to be strong and pushed me to try new things out of my comfort zone to help me achieve optimal health. We discussed weekly exercise programs, different types of meal plans and tactics for avoiding stress related triggers associated with my behaviors. Once I was able to identify and control my relationship with food, I finally realized that I could focus on my life and not make food my primary focal point. I always left feeling I had accomplished something or learned more about myself not someone elseís program or problem that was similar to mine. I never left my appointment disappointed; I always left with a smile even on a bad day.

Today I am happy to say I am a healthier happier person because of Anne and Priority Nutrition Care. I and managing my eating disorder better than I ever have before.

JK- Brookline, MA

Anne and I have been meeting for fourteen months. During that time I have kept a food journal which we review at every meeting. She is very good at understanding "the big picture" from the details of the food journal -- seeing how specific eating patterns can lead either in a good or a less good direction. In this way, she has gently guided me toward a diet and excercise plan which has led to lower weight and cholesterol (which I never thought would happen and which I am thrilled about!). During this whole process she has never made me feel bad about my weight or eating habits. She always emphasizes the positive and makes it seem that something I thought was impossible to achieve, is actually very do-able. I feel like I have learned habits and skills that I can take with me in the future to maintain a healthy weight. Ths process has worked amazingly well for me!

MJB of Hull, MA says:

I am in a family of diabetics. My doctor suggested I see a nutritionist as I may be pre-diabetic and my search led me to Anne Manion. Anne is a caring teacher who has introduced me to a new way of looking at my lifestyle. She informs me of why certain foods are beneficial, why others cause problems, and how I benefit from making the right choices. She cares and takes time to help me understand how food affects my wellbeing and explains why thought and preparation is essential. Exercise is also important and I do feel the difference when I do exercise or even just go for a walk.

Mindless eating was my habit. Not anymore. I now read nutrition and ingredient labels, which I had never understood. For the first time in my life I am actively involved in my health. While shopping I check the ingredients for calories, proteins and fats. Food shopping and preparation has become an activity I enjoy.

I think the most important lesson has been in what learning about what food does once it enters my body. I never put any thought into the internal activity the food goes through while working its way through. I imagine what the food is doing and where itís going and hope that the new choices are working their way in a healthful manner. I still have a lot to learn but am enjoying the thought process and what I am doing for myself. I am proud of my choices and feel better.

I have never been a person who could or would diet. I didnít know how. I still donít ďdietĒ but my diet is much better and I have lost weight during this adventure. Weight loss was an added benefit that I hadnít even considered. I will continue to see Anne and learn more about myself, my habits and the benefits that Anne has awakened me to.

SK says:

I was referred to Anne Manion by my physician due to a dangerously high cholesterol count. I was reluctant at first since I was certain my diet was healthy; after all I had lost over 80 pounds five years ago and kept most of it off. This reticent patient listened with skepticism to Anne and her suggestions for a food log. "What do I need a food log for?" Anne gave it to me straight: "You don't have a choice. If you don't lose more weight and change your eating habits..." Anne was direct with compassion. There was something about her that I knew I needed to trust.

Five months later and over 15 pounds thinner, I learned so much about delicious, happy, healthy food choices. My HDL cholesterol count (H for "happy" Anne taught me) has gone up which is great news. Anne is an educator and it shows in her knowledge and clear, easy to understand communication of that knowledge. I have learned so much from Anne and when people compliment me about my new look and ask how I did it, I always say, "Anne Manion, Priority Nutrition Care." She's not only a great nutritionist and motivator but an overall great person."